I am a law student. I've spent a lot of time working to understand the balance between creators and owners of copyrights and the users of the content. It's a delicate balance, and the users are in a very weak position.

In light of the ease with which digital media can be copied and distributed, I understand that organizations like Sony BMG need to work on reasonable methods to protect their content. Of course, I don't think it is appropriate for those organizations to take away the rights of users who willingly pay for their content. At first, I thought the Sony BMG / First 4 Internet XCP system would do that. It promised to allow backup copies and digital files for my computer and portable player. Therefore, I trusted Sony BMG when they asked to install a “small program” on my computer.

Instead, they infected my computer with poorly written code, which even if it wasn't designed for a malicious purpose (like reporting my activities — something they expressly promised they were not going to do), opened me up to a number of computer viruses and security problems. Then, when I wanted to get the program off of my computer, the only available method was by opening up even more security holes in my machine.

In the interim, my laptop became quite unstable. I use my laptop every day for school, to type my notes and access the resources I need for class. Thanks to Sony and their lies, one of my most vital tools is now barely usable. With exams coming up soon, I am very unhappy. In fact, I'm indescribably angry.

This site exists to help others who have been harmed by Sony BMG and their XCP Content Protection. I hope that the information I provide here will assist you in making an informed decision about dealing with Sony in the future, and help you obtain reasonable compensation for your damages.