Follow these instructions to remove the original uninstaller files:

1. Using Windows Explorer, go to WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\

2. Locate CodeSupport

3. Right click on the file and select Remove from the pop-up window

4. The file is now removed from you computer system

If you cannot find the file in the Windows\Downloaded Program folder then you should run a search for the file as follows:

1. Click Start.

2. Click to open "My Computer."

3. Press the key combination Ctrl + F to open the search window.

4. In the "Search for files or folders named" box, type codesupport. (The word "codesupport" does not contain a space.)

5. Click Search Now.

6. If the file is located, right-click on the file to reveal a menu.

7. In the menu click to select the "Remove" option. (This choice forces Windows to safely uninstall the control.)

If the file CodeSupport is not found then your computer is not affected.